Have a particular sculpture in mind?

Contact me and let's talk about the kind of sculpture you are looking for! I'm an animal lover and am very happy to make all sorts of animals. For example, I'm looking forward to making a big bull elk one day. I've got pictures in my head of an interesting sculpture of a mountain goat, a pair of fighting eagles, and a herd of deer. So far, I haven't tried to sculpture a human, but that is also on my "one day" list. So let's chat and see if your ideas are compatible with mine!


Do you have scrap metal you'd like to be make into a sculpture?

Great! Let's get together to have a look at your metal and talk about how it might be incorporated into a sculpture. I'm happy to travel (within reason) to check it out and discuss. 

Sculpture material
Do you have a horse or other kind of pet that you'd like to be the model for a sculpture?

​I make all my sculptures from found scrap metal. I like to find metal with paint that has been fused to the metal and mixed with rust. Rust is so pretty! That said, I'm looking into ways of adding colour to metal and also enhancing the rusting process so that I'm not always relying on being able to find that "perfect" old car. This will also give more choices to clients when they come with an idea for a commission.

Excellent! All I need are a few measurements and/or photos of your horse (or cow, for example) and we're good to go. The result would be a "sculpture portrait" of your pet.

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